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IMPROMINI® Capillary Blood Collection Tubes

IMPROMINI® Capillary blood collection tube is mainly used in collection, storage, pretreatment and transportation of capillary blood specimen.

Evacuated Blood Collection Tubes

IMPROVACUTER® Gel & clot activator tube is used in blood collection and storage for biochemistry and immunology.

Liquid Biopsy Pre-analytical System

Liquid Biopsy Tube is an evacuated blood collection tube improving pre-analytical workflows for liquid biopsy.

Improve Blood Collection Needles

Improve blood collection needles provide highest quality and needle sharpness, resulting in positive patient and user experience. All of the series products have high compatibility wih IMPROVACUTER®Evacuated Blood Collection Tubes.


IMPROVACUTER® Tourniquet has a wide stretch strap so that the intensity of pressure largely decreases to the modest degree, maximally avoid congestion, ease uncomfortable feeling of patients and improve quality of blood specimen, especially the quality of lactic acid.

Pulsewave Blood Pressure Monitors

Instead of Korotkoff sound, the Pulsewave Blood Pressure Monitors apply upper bladder plus lower bladder detecting pulse wave, which can truly represents the state of blood flow.